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Indians Sports Crate review: That 70’s Crate

Now’s the perfect time to start getting boxes of Indians gear sent to your door

Thanksgiving has been over for nearly 48 hours now, so that means it’s time to start Christmas shopping...

*checks watch*

....four months ago. Okay, so I haven’t started and neither have you, probably, because you’re sitting here reading a baseball blog with a turkey hangover. Have no fear, because I have acquired* the latest Indians Sports Crate and am here to tell you: stuff’s good.

*and by acquired I mean they gave it to me in exchange for letting you know you can use code LGT30 for 30% off your first order at

You may remember Sports Crate as that monthly subscription box service that was first announced in March 2017 and omitted a certain reigning American League Champion team, yet included the dang Texas Rangers.

They finally rectified their wrongdoing and included the Indians in their list of teams when they doubled it to 20. Unfortunately they also added the Royals, but I couldn’t stop them from doing it.

From the one-page insert, here’s what came in the November crate, titled “That 70’s Crate”:

  • Insulated Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks chilled while on-the-go.
  • Raglan Shirt: Take it back with this stylish soft raglan tee. Rep your team all year long.
  • Velcro Wallet: This tri-fold wallet with velcro closure keeps your cards and cash safe.
  • Retro Buttons: Show your team spirit with these four officially licensed MLB buttons.

The first thing to open is this retro baseball shirt with “CLEVELAND INDIANS” emblazoned across the top. My problem with most graphic tee sites is that the graphics on larger shirts (I’m a big dude, don’t judge), are tiny, but this one stretches all the way across my big beautiful broad shoulders.

Next is my personal favorite, an Indians cooler. I’ve been Wal-Mart bagging it to my day job for years now, but I’m about to move up in the world. Living in New York where there are no other Indians fans also makes it more fun. Love the ‘70s crooked lettering, so I’m all over this.

In the same vein is a velcro wallet, which is going straight to my son because 1) He loves velcro wallets and 2) I’m a grown man who writes silly things about baseball on the internet, so I don’t use velcro wallets. For what it’s worth, my son was ecstatic and it instantly replaced his old Batman wallet. Let me reiterate: This wallet defeated Batman.

And finally, to round out it is a set of pins, including the beautiful crooked C and the script I. The bottom left pin, much to my surprise, is a real Indians logo that was used in 1970. As a huge fan of pinstripes, I now hate that the Indians don’t currently use them, because look at these beauties.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the box, and I might consider reviewing them going forward if there is interest (I don’t get any more free crates, I just want a reason to justify buying it).

I might be a pretty unique use case living outside of Cleveland and with kids — I don’t get to just go to any store near me and see Indians gear on shelves and I can give things like velcro wallets to tiny humans who will love them — and I’m a sucker for anything Indians memorabilia. I also love opening boxes, so this is a win-win for me and I think it could be for you, too.