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N&N: Corey Kluber is worth a lot on the trade market

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Here’s to a great week!

Tribe News

What you get when you acquire Corey Kluber | Beyond the Box Score

An absolute ace. Whatever happens this offseason, Kluber will always be one of my favorites.

The Indians are open to a trade and have the talent to do it |

What will they do?!? From Paul Hoynes:

Still, the Indians know they have big holes to fill in the outfield and bullpen. To do that they’re going to attempt to thread the needle -- trade one or two of their talented players to fill the holes and take another run at something the Indians haven’t won since 1948.

With a game plan like that, it is necessary to have a talented roster and the Indians do. Teams want to trade for the players on the Tribe’s roster, which has kept executives Chris Antonetti, Mike Chernoff and others busy.

Starting pitching is the crown jewel of the Tribe’s roster. They have frontline talent in Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer. They have potential in Mike Clevinger and Shane Bieber and Adam Plukto and depth in Cody Anderson and Danny Salazar.

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