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Tuesday was Exercise/Decline Option Day around baseball; Indians act on Carrasco, Guyer

Morning N&N for October 31

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have already seen on the fantastic Let’s Go Tribe yesterday, the Indians made their decisions on Carlos Carrasco and Brandon Guyer.

Picking up Carrasco’s option was a no-brainer. Only Paul Hoynes thought there was any chance of him becoming a free agent. Guyer’s value was less definite but it was presumed that the Indians would probably pick his up too. They did not. It’s hard to fault them for this, considering one of his two defining traits leads directly to injuries.

Other option decisions

• Justin Smoak is sticking around in Toronto.

• Denard Span is about to become available. Interesting.

• Gerardo Parra is going to be available too. Also interesting.

• Mike Moustakas and Joakim Soria opted out of their contracts. At least one of them may regret this.

• Chris Sale is obviously not going to be a free agent.

• But Ervin Santana will be. (Logan Morrison too, but nobody cares about that one)


The World Series was not watched by an impressive number of people. Maybe MLB should stop hoping teams like the Red Sox and Dodgers last a long time in the postseason. Maybe they should also ban the Dodgers from appearing in the 2019 WS. What a terrible NL representative they have been.

• #NeverForget how bad the 2018 Orioles were.