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Red Sox dominate Dodgers to take first game of 2018 World Series

Morning N&N for 10/24

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox
Yep. Eduardo Nunez.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Kershaw vs Sale. Finally a break from the 2018 postseason of pitching changes, right? No, sir. Neither starter lasted long enough to qualify for a #PitcherWin and for the most part, this game was decided by the bullpens.

Boston’s bullpen, shaky in the regular season, was much better than LA’s last night, however. An especially rough night was had by Dodgers starter-turned-reliever Alex Wood. Wood entered in the bottom of the 7th with his team trailing by one run. Wood is left-handed, so Alex Cora brought on Eduardo Nunez (yep, that guy) to pinch hit. Nuñez hit a 3-run homer and that was the ballgame.

Red Sox 8, Dodgers 4.

Other news

• LGFT Drew Pomeranz is on the Red Sox World Series roster.

• As you saw after Jeff wrote this, the Sox can in fact hit left-handed pitching.

And we’ll end on this happy note

That was fun.