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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 101: Indians-Astros ALDS Preview

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, we say goodbye to the regular season, wonder how good Josh Donaldson can really be, and preview the only weekend series that matters

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Folks, it’s the playoffs.

The 2018 regular season has mercifully come to an ends, and dare I say it, the Indians might just be peaking at the right time. Jose Ramirez seems to be getting back on track, Josh Donaldson is absolutely clubbing the ball, and it’s hard to find a weakness in the Indians lineup right now besides right field on an off night.

With the spirit of optimism in the air, Merritt and I preview the ALDS against the Astros. The Tribe will be facing some guy named Justin Verlander, who wakes up in cold sweats thinking about the abuse he’s taken from the bats of Indians hitters over the years.

Full topic list

[1:53]: Merritt reveals a dark secret that changes the podcast forever
[4:22]: Saying goodbye to the 2018 regular season
[11:53]: Thoughts on the Rays’ rebuild-ish season and the weak AL Central
[17:24]: Previewing the Indians-Astros ALDS
[20:29]: The potentially huge impact of Josh Donaldson
[24:50]: What in the world is wrong with Jose Ramirez?
[30:33]: Rotation predictions, hopes, and dreams
[41:32]: Indians living rent free in Justin Verlander’s head
[45:15]: Your questions

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Intro and outro music: Inner Cell by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.