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Indians prospect Todd Isaacs is hosting a home run derby in the Bahamas

Isaacs’ apparel brand, Don’t Blink, is sponsoring the event aimed at promoting baseball in the Bahamas.

If you’re looking for something to do while it’s too cold to be outside without freezing to death in 15 minutes, consider checking out a home run derby on the warm beaches of the Bahamas hosted in part by Cleveland Indians prospect, Todd Isaacs.

The Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise is scheduled to take place this afternoon with 15 prospects from all over baseball participating. An apparel brand founded by Isaacs and Lucius Fox Jr. (Tampa Bay Rays prospect, not the Batman one), Don’t Blink, is hosting the event with the goal of encouraging baseball in the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas.

As for how they play to actually have a home run derby on a beach, Isaacs says simply, “Come out and see.”

The derby will be tournament style with each player getting 20 swings and the one with the most home runs advancing to the next round. Among the 15 competitors are Isaacs and Fox themselves, Minnesota Twins prospect Champ Stuart, and Toronto Blue Jays prospect Bo Bichette.

You can watch the stream live at