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BreakingT has a new Indians logo idea and it’s kinda great

A modernized version of an old favorite.

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With the Cleveland Indians moving away from the Chief Wahoo logo in 2019, the Block C is the last logo left standing. I (and dozens of others, I’m sure) like the Block C, but it’s not exactly a favorite among Indians fans.

BreakingT has come out with a new idea on a shirt, and — even as someone who likes the current logo — I think I’m in love.


It reminds me of the broken c logo the Indians briefly used in the ‘70s that has since become a fan favorite among old Tribe logos. But this version includes an arrow in the negative space of the c, which is brilliant and subtle enough that it doesn’t feel like an over-the-top minor league logo (as much as I love those, too). It even has the support of Joe Posnanski.

If you want to have it for yourself, and help support Let’s Go Tribe, head to the link above and grab one or 20.