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Reactions to the Chief Wahoo news (and other baseball related things)

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins

So, um, was there anything newsworthy yesterday?

Tribe There’s currently no Cleveland news other than Chief Wahoo news

Decision on Indians’ logo about bigger picture | MLB

Castrovince has an excellent piece on the recent decision to cease the use of Chief Wahoo in 2019. This passage specifically stands out:

And so I’ve always understood the sentimentality associated with Wahoo. I get why people here view the logo as some intrinsic piece of this ballclub’s brand. It’s why many fans will be upset with Major League Baseball’s announcement Monday that the 2018 season will be the last with Chief Wahoo on the Indians’ uniforms.

But the inconvenient reality of sharing a planet with other human beings is that you don’t get to decide what is or what is not offensive to people. And if you divorce yourself even momentarily from the laundry you’ve grown up rooting for, it’s really not difficult to understand why Native American groups would be offended by this exaggerated, unflattering, cartoon portrayal of their people.

Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo Q&A | MLB

Contrary to popular belief (at least popular among Facebook commenters), MLB is not going to raid your house for all Chief Wahoo gear and burn it in front of you. With that being said, I do appreciate this passage:

It seems like MLB forced this change to get the ASG, is that true?

The two are not connected in any way. Our submission for the All-Star Game occurred years in advance of this topic becoming a heated national focus during our postseason run in 2016. The decision was made for us to host the All-Star Game based on our proposal and ability as an organization and community to create a first-class Midsummer Classic in celebration of Major League Baseball.

Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo, from inception to end: A timeline |

From the contested origin story of the “Indians” moniker to the retirement tour of Chief Wahoo this season, learn all there is to know about the history of the team’s controversial logo.

Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan speaks out about dropping Chief Wahoo — Terry Pluto |

Cleveland Indians’ owner Paul Dolan said that removing Chief Wahoo is “the hardest decision we’ve had to make during our entire ownership”.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson cheers Indians’ decision to retire Chief Wahoo |

A politician showing support for this decision. I’m sure internet message boards will respond to this in a rational, measured way.

Chief Wahoo is out: Penobscot Nation chief pleased even though Indians name is staying |

Before someone gets upset that Chief Francis is voicing his support of this decision, remember the words of Castrovince from further up this article: don’t get to decide what is or what is not offensive to people...

Non-Chief Wahoo news Around the league