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January 3rd Baseball “News” and “Notes”

Morning News and Notes for January 3, 2018

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Texas Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez uses his base Photo credit should read PAUL K. BUCK/AFP/Getty Images

Baseball is very important. But even in an age with a 24-hour news cycle, baseball has gone missing this offseason. Nothing is happening, and people have found crazier people, recreational activities and weapons to talk, tweet and write about. One day, you’re somewhere warm playing golf while baseball freezes; the next, you’re lighting up the twitter box with a completely different topic every 37 minutes.

But anyways, even though it can seem unimportant at times like this, we are here to talk about baseball—and the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to do something yesterday, claiming LGFT Dylan Baker off waivers from the Brew Crew. He must be good if Andrew Friedman wants him, right? Sometimes, these players become very useful. Like my dude Danny Otero, the 3rd best claim of the past 3 years.

Elsewhere in California, the Padres seem to have a desire to blow up..... their franchise, as they have reportedly offered average baseball player Eric Hosmer a 7-year contract. Unless that 7-year deal is for less than $10 million per season, wow—that’s hilarious.