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Trevor Bauer’s new pitch has a new pitch—or something like that

Morning News and Notes for January 24


Trevor Bauer’s been tinkering with his new pitch(es?) again (thread). Even though he was very good last year and his strikeout numbers have been rising, he still wants to be even better. That’s good. Hopfully it happens. But there’s always the chance that this new pitch, an improved slider that he compares to Corey Kluber’s, will be worse than the one he was throwing very well last season.

If it’s that much better, we’ll all be very happy, and Trevor’s bank account will be as well, but there aren’t any other Corey Klubers around baseball, so good luck with matching his arsenal.

Bauer and the Indians will shortly head to arbitration.

• Carlos Frias will be in camp with the Tribe.

• ESPN has a new broadcasting team for 2018. This isn’t in the below section because ESPN is only showing the Indians this season. Them’s the rules now. They’ll avoid Judge-Stanton all year, right?

Around baseball

• Longtime ALC resident Glen Perkins has retired.

• Jeff Sullivan wrote about the Brewers’ quest to improve. Can they add Yu Darvish? Can they add Christian Yelich? Leave him for us, ok? REED THIS, FAGERSTROM.

• Jeff also wrote about a poll that Fangraphs ran, asking fans to rank MLB team ownerships. The Indians fared well, somehow keeping the CheepDoolun crowd off of fan graphs dot com. Wonder how that happened. Oh, wait. Their high mark is deserved, even if this offseason has not gone overly well.

• The Brewers aren’t the only team clamoring for Yu Darvish’s services.

• The Tigers signed Alexi Amarista to a MiLB deal. Is that one way the Tigers can avoid losing 100 games in 2018, Lyons?