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Free agency remains slow, but Christian Yelich could heat up the trade market

N&N Jan 17

MLB: Miami Marlins at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan wrote about what else the alleged collusion this offseason could actually be.

One theory is... Scott Boras. This is great because I’m all for blaming Scott Boras for all of life’s problems. Get overcharged at the grocery store? Boras. Line to vote too long? Boras. Need four cups of flour but only have 2.6? Boras again.

But unfortunately, a better theory exists. The one where teams finally realized that signing free agents is usually a way to overpay for wins.

As one astute MLB official noted, “We pay you the minimum for three years and arbitration for three or four years, and then you get paid more in free agency for your decline?”

It’s so bad that

Any guesses?

Indians Link

• Tyler Olson’s 0.00 ERA was a long time in the making.

Around baseball

• Derek Jeter wants to ditch the Marlins’ gaudy-but-unique home run sculpture. He also wants to ditch all their players making more than $600,134.

• SPEAKING OF WHICH, their relationship with Christian “7,000,000” Yelich is broken and his agent desires a trade. Know any teams that could use an outfielder?

• If the Giants can not land Lorenzo Cain, they may sign his former teammate Jarrod Dyson.

• The Yankees signed LHP Wade LeBlanc to a MiLB contract.

• New Pirate Colin Moran has a new swing.