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Are the Indians a “Super Team”?

Morning News and Notes for January 10

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Arizona Diamondbacks
Every Super Team has super biceps
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Fangraphs has a theory about the slow offseason that I think has a ton of validity in the case of some teams. While acknowledging that there are a number of other factors at play as well, Dave Cameron theorizes that teams have noticed that there is a large talent gap in many divisions, so it would be wasteful to attempt to change that. There are obvious flaws in this thinking, but the projections are the projections, and more times than not, the numbers are on to something.

The particular example of the Indians acquiring Jay Bruce in 2017 is something I have also thought about. If the Indians have limited funds available (they shouldn’t), then the best use of them is probably to wait and see what the weakness of your team ends up being, and go try to get the Jay Bruce of that position in mid-2018.

But it sure would be nice to have something more exciting to write about this offseason than what teams have done so far. Maybe there will be a 0-activity parade?

For example, these things are what happened yesterday:

• The Angels signed Rene Rivera

• Randall Delgado avoided arbitration

• Justin Morneau is a front office employee now

Refuse to discuss this one.

• Jonah Keri discusses tanking

Scouts and stats are both important