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Morning news & notes for Friday, September 8th, 2017

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, what an incredible night of baseball. Last night, Indians fans witnessed something beyond their wildest dreams: Erik Gonzalez hitting two homers in a game. Oh, yeah, and the Indians winning their franchise record 15th game in a row. So, about that...

LGT recap | recap

The Indians clubbed five dongs and Corey Kluber struck out 13 jabronis in a magical 11-2 drubbing of the South Siders. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to get #15.


Really the only thing worth noting from last night is the Tribe’s incredible achievement. It’s the longest winning streak in MLB since 2002 when the A’s won 20 in a row. This Indians team might just give that a shot! And not only are they winning, but they’re doing it in extremely dominant fashion:

So in light of all that data, can all the people who said “you can’t count on a 14-game winning streak every year!” please step forward so they can be publicly shamed? Thanks.

Also, let’s not forget about the most important aspect of last night’s win: #WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWindows

That’s right - local company Universal Windows Direct will pay out $1.7 million worth of free windows to Tribe fans as a result of the streak. It’s a deal so good it’s even getting national news coverage!

Other Tribe news

Corey Kluber might have the best pitch in baseball | Fangraphs

Call it a slider or call it a curve, but whatever you call it, you should know it’s among the nastiest pitches in MLB today. The White Sox found that out the hard way last night. Jeff Sullivan digs deep into how Kluber has weaponized it.

Indians, D-Back hot at the right time |

With the Dodgers fading and the Indians & D-Backs surging, Cleveland and Arizona might well be on a collision course. A late-season winning streak guarantees nothing, of course, but things could get interesting.

Jay Bruce’s neck loosening and four other points of interest on sizzling Indians |

Jay Bruce goes to the chiropractor, and good ol’ Hoynsie fills us in on everything from Andrew Miller’s progress to Francisco Lindor’s thoughts regarding hurricane Irma.

Tribe giving Ramirez day or two to rest wrist |

In case you missed it, Jose aggravated his wrist a bit on a check swing, so Tito is giving him a few days off to rest up. Doesn’t appear to be any cause for real concern, but keep your fingers crossed.

More news from around baseball

  • The current Dodgers skid, including another loss last night, is bad but nothing for LA fans to panic about (as if LA fans are even paying close enough attention to warrant panic)
  • If you’re curious about other epic winning streaks throughout baseball history, look no further
  • Aaaand there’s no more baseball news because the entire internet is obsessed with the first completely meaningless football game of the season, so whatever