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Indians become first team with 13+ game winning streaks in consecutive seasons since 1960-61

Morning News and Notes for September 6, 2017

Francis and Lonald
Francis and Lonald
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians won by a bunch of runs again last night, moving their run differential to +186, which is one shy of the Dodgers' +187. Since July 21, however, nobody else comes close.

The winning streak is now at 13, which along with last year's 14, is going where few teams have ever gone. "The Indians are the first team with 13+ game winning streaks in back-to-back seasons since the 1960-61 Yankees."

Austin Jackson and the human fire emoji Jose Ramirez went back to back with homers in last night's 47-minute first inning. Ramirez homered again in the second making him the first Indian with 5 dingers in a 3-game span since Carlos Santana. Yeah, that guy. The guy you don't like enough.

Danny Salazar was not good, though. But, with shades of 2016, Indians bullpen pitched a million scoreless innings after a short start to get the team a W.

• Along with Salazar's activation, Tyler Naquin and Shawn Armstrong were recalled.

• Earlier on Tuesday, prior to his additional insane game, Jose Ramirez was named AL player of the week.

• Ramirez was written about by SI and was again mistakenly referred to as a utility player. But they called Corey Kluber the current Cy Young favorite, so all is forgiven.

• More wins could equal free windows for some.

@Indians presented the proper amount of snark along with letting people know that our boy Trevor leads the AL in a mostly-useless category.

Around baseball

The Red Sox are #cheeters! They were found to be using an Apple Watch (lol) to steal signs from the Yankees (and other teams) and admitted to it. They say John Farrell and Dave Dombrowski were unaware, which I don’t believe for one second, but that’s what they say. Now we may know how Christian Freaking Vazquez was able to hit Cody Allen.

• It's no secret that MLB teams have loads and loads of data. And they are increasingly using it to get an upper hand over players. Bryan Shaw's usage is used as an example, but IMO there is one problem with that one: Shaw likes the frequency of his appearances, from everything I've heard.

• The White Sox cut Derek Holland.