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Carrasco’s health boon for Tribe playoff chances

Morning news & notes for Friday, September 29, 2017

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

You’ve got to take a second to step back and appreciate how amazing it is that this team has won 100 games for just the third time in franchise history. It truly is a golden age for Cleveland sports.

Indians 5, Twins 2

Like the first two games of the series, the end got a bit hairy, but the Indians hung on to win even #100. Jason Kipnis, Roberto Perez, and Jay Bruce homered, but the real star was Carlos Carrasco, who threw eight shutout innings. Perhaps more important than the 100th with, the Tribe keeps their one game lead over Houston for the AL #1 seed. Houston, as you will see below, won.

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Tribe news & notes

Healthy Carrasco ready to roll into postseason |

We’ve all woken up in a cold sweat wondering what would have happened if Carlos Carrasco was healthy for the 2016 World Series. Right? I mean... anyway. While a repeat World Series appearance is certainly no guarantee, Cookie is set up to mow down the postseason competition.

Roberto Perez, worried about family, fights to focus on baseball |

Baseball is an escape for all of us, to some degree, but few can imagine what Puerto Rican born players like Perez must be going through in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Perez is doing his best to compartmentalize the worries and get things done on the field.

100 victories is nice, but Indians have sights set on bigger things |

There’s not a ton of value here, but it’s a slow Tribe news day and it’s been a long time since I hate-posted a Hoynsie article. Check out those awkward attempts to call back to the 1995 team for his own sake and the sake of the majority of his reader who are still stuck in that decade.

Indians mini team balls as digital baseball cards |

OK, sorry, one more hate post: come take a look at these hilariously bad photoshops

Scoreboard watching & other tidbits