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Fan Post Prompt: Construct the Indians’ playoff roster

There are difficult decisions to make this season

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians are certain where most of their games in the ALDS will be played, courtesy of clinching home field advantage yesterday. Less clear is the makeup of the roster which they will use.

Is Jason Kipnis’s bat valuable enough to gamble on his lack of experience in the outfield? Is there room for the two-headed 3rd baseman Yandio Diashella? Is Michael Brantley going to come storming back? And how, exactly, should the starting rotation look?

Head over to the Fan Post section and let us know what your perfect playoff roster looks like. If the Indians don’t win the whole [redacted] thing, then you can at least carry with you a tiny consolation — maybe your roster could have done better than the real 2017 Indians playoff roster.

Here are some delightful instructions on how to make a spectacular fan posts using as many awesome superlative adjectives as your fantastic writing can allow, you excellent human:


Remember, there are no wrong answers. GO WILD.