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Help Trevor Bauer find his drone before it’s too late

For the love of Lindor, someone please help him find it!

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Just when you thought there wasn’t any intrigue left in the regular season, Trevor Bauer has gone and done it. He lost a drone.

And not just any drone. The missing drone in question appears to be custom built by Trevor, and he’s threatening to get his fingers all up in another whirly blade death machine to build another one if he can’t track down the “Iron Man” last seen at Clague Park on Monday evening.

Trevor is of course referencing an incident during last year’s American League Championship Series in which he sliced open his pinky while working on a drone prior to his start. It resulted in him leaving it all on the field — it being a buckets of blood — and having to leave the game after less than an inning of work.

I don’t get what he’s freaking out about, though. Iron Man drones are $50 at Kohls, just go get a new one. But in the mean time, someone help this man find his damn drone!