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Jose Ramirez has panda hats made; Erik Gonzalez "steals" them

Morning News and Notes for September 19, 2017

Give the man his hat(s)
Give the man his hat(s)
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians were going for their 9th consecutive win over the Angels last night—and got it. Sorry for not keeping you in suspense for another couple sentences. Mike Clevinger was fantastic again and Roberto Perez continued his hot hitting.

Jason Kipnis played center again, but Greg Allen replaced him late and showed why. He stole a key base in the top of the 9th and made a nice catch in the bottom to secure Cleveland's 12th straight road W.

Phil's complete recap

Earlier in the day, Jordan Bastian passed along a hilarious story about Jose Ramirez and hats

The hats had Jose's number on the side and a panda on the front. "Why not? I like pandas," said Ramirez. And he isn't sharing them with reporters, either.

• ESPN published a very good Wright Thompson feature on the Indians. I had the thought around Win #21 that if we could improbably win perhaps 10 more in a row that this team would become a little Beatlesy and Thompson hints at a rock band feel around the team, so that's interesting. You'll love Jason Kipnis even more after reading this.

• The Indians shifted on Albert Pujols, but not as much as the Astros did.

Around baseball

• Clayton kershaw had never given up a grand slam before. Notice the past tense.

• Miguel Sano is going to miss more time.

• MLB hitters broke the all-time record for homers in a single season by passing 5,693 last night. Unfortunately, it was the light-hitting Alex Gordon who hit #5694. Typical Royals player—getting all the credit despite not being good.