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Indians win streak reaches double digits with 5-2 win over Tigers

Greg Allen got his first hit.

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians have done it. They’re so good it’s almost getting boring to watch*. Tonight, they took a four-run lead in the first inning then just kept it. At one point it reached five runs, then shrunk back to four, then to three, then suddenly the Indians had a 10-game winning streak.

*Bryan Shaw notwithstanding.

Part of it is we just expect Corey Kluber to be this good every night, whether he’s facing the Boston Red Sox offense or this zombified version of the Detroit Tigers. Everything was working for him tonight, and he even whipped out this disgusting change-up, which may be enough to have him convicted of some kind of crime, I’m not sure.

He’s going to dominate everyone not named Alex Presley, apparently, because the 32-year-old journeyman notched four hits in the loss. The only other Tigers batters with more than one hit was some guy named Bryan Holaday, who has played in just 153 games over six major-league seasons, and Mikie Mahtook. Things aren’t pretty in Detroit right now.

Every Indians batter had a hit tonight, including Greg Allen who came in due to unfortunate circumstances. Allen, a natural center fielder, replaced Bradley Zimmer in center after he raced across the entirety of Comerica Park to try and snag a fly ball. It was clearly in the gap, but somehow Zimmer almost made the catch. I say almost, because it fell inches from his glove and he came down hard. According to in-game chatter, Zimmer was out as a precaution due to a head/nick injury likely sustained from the jolt of hitting the ground while traveling at Mach 3.

Not to be outdone, Abraham Almonte made a great catch of his own in left field and finished 2-for-5 with three of the Tribe’s five runs batted in. Take that, everyone who was trashing his inclusion in the lineup prior to the game. The man is a spark plug and he has a great beard, let him live.

This recap is short, but you know what isn’t? A 10-game winning streak.