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Can’t stop, won’t stop

News & notes for Friday, September 15, 2017

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t stop. As I write this, I have the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. But I can’t stop staring. Staring at my phone screen at dozens of texts, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit notifications. About this team. This GD team. This is the most incredible stretch of baseball I’ve ever seen.

Indians 3, Royals 2

It was a game for the ages. What started off looking like it might well be the end of the streak - stupid Royals bloop hits, Tribe bats getting shut down by a jabroni pitcher - ended up being magical. Down to their last strike, the likeliest of heroes came through to tie it up. Tied in the 10th, even more likely heroes sent a raucous crowd home happy. Long live Frankie. Long live Jose. Long live Jay. Long live the streak.

LGT recap | recap

News & notes from The Streak

The Cleveland Indians have made baseball history | The Ringer

Forget the 1916 Giants for a moment. Even if you concede that theirs is the true record (and I do), what the Indians have done is nothing short of monumental.

There’s an infinite amount of links out there. I’ve tried to track down the best, but how can any of them say it better than Frankie and the Tribe Twitter account?

One other tweet acknowledged the supreme importance of last night’s hero:

Speaking of the greatest Indian of all time...

Jay Bruce rejuvenated since joining the Indians | Toronto Star

Imagine playing half a season buried amidst a pile of zombies only to fight your way out and wind up on the best team in the American League. That’s the Jay Bruce story, and he’s a huge reason why the Tribe has made it this far.

More of Bruce in his own words, celebrating last night’s win:

Indians, simply refusing to lose extend historic winning streak |

More Taylor Swift references, absurd run differential numbers, and celebrations of the varied contributions from the whole team. What else can you say?

Are the Indians “America’s Team?” | Hardball Talk

Recently, Bob Nightengale called the Tribe America’s team. Is there anything to it? Craig Calcaterra says no, because he’s a killjoy who hates fun. For what it’s worth, though, who cares? The rest of America doesn’t deserve this team. They’re ours.

The Windians aren’t going away | Fangraphs

And so what if they’re not America’s team? This is a team built to last and hang tough among even the biggest spenders in the league. We may never see another stretch like we’re seeing now, but we will hopefully be able to enjoy the core of this team for a long time.

News from all the other boring teams who aren’t in the midst of a historic winning streak