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Francisco Lindor smiled before, during, and after a home run

I. Love. This. Man.

There’s one thing Francisco Lindor is great at: Smiling. And playing shortstop. And hitting line drives. And hitting dingers. And being an ambassador for baseball. And having great hair.

Okay, there are a few things Francisco Lindor is great at, but smiling is certainly one of his strong points and he just doesn’t stop doing it. Tonight against the Baltimore Orioles, he was smiling before, during, and after he homered to give the Cleveland Indians a two-run lead.

Here he is smiling while looking at the ball over the plate...

...and here he is looking directly at the dugout to smile at his teammates after hitting it.

Here’s the whole thing in video form...

...and with a great alternate angle.

Francisco Lindor is the absolute best and the world doesn’t deserve him.