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Carlos Carrasco got his hands on a live mic and it was awesome

The Indians went full Ocean’s Eleven on a reporter’s microphone and it only got better from there.

Things can get weird in a double-header, even more so when it’s your second double-header in three days. That’s a lot of baseball to deal with, and the Cleveland Indians’ way of dealing involved a heist, a star pitcher, and a lot of excited yelling.

Prior to the start of game two of a split DH against the Detroit Tigers, Yandy Diaz, Abraham Almonte, and Francisco Lindor conspired against FOX Sports Ohio reporter Andre Knott with a plan that would make Nicholas Cage blush.

They needed to get a microphone.

There’s a lot to unpack here. A microphone is pretty big and noticable, and Andre had it in his back pocket, not exactly and easy place to swipe from.

To set the heist into motion, Yandy does something to draw Andre’s attention. It’s unclear what he did exactly, but when a man with Yandy Diaz’s biceps wants your attention, he gets it.

Then, with his back turned, Knott has his microphone stolen by Abe flawlessly, leaving him completely oblivious.

The best part was Lindor running an on-the-fly screen to block Andre from seeing the mic in Abe’s cradling arms. Absolutely brilliant.

The result of all this hard work was emcee Carlos Carrasco on the mic narrating and cheering for small portions of the game. I didn’t know I needed this in my life, but I desperately need more of it.

Greg Allen had no idea what hit him. That poor, poor rookie.