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The Indians Twitter account just murdered a man in broad daylight

Tribe Twitter continues to be the best Twitter.

Like most of Cleveland Twitter, the Cleveland Indians account is spectacular. They interact with fans, they don’t shy away when the team is losing, and they meet bad takes head-on so trolls get away with almost nothing under the watchful eye of a flaming Jose Ramirez head.

Today, they clapped back at a rando so hard, with such pinpoint accuracy, that a he might have died right then and there.

Someone who goes by the name ‘dan harasyn’ on Twitter was apparently upset with the American League Central-leading Indians dropping a couple games to the San Diego Padres after taking two of three from the Detroit Tigers. That’s acceptable, a lot of us aren’t happy with how this San Diego series is playing out. But unlike most fans who just keep it to themselves, Mr. Harasyn went straight to the Indians to complain when they were trying to advertise All-Star hats.

“Not today, Daniel,” said whoever is currently manning the Tribe Twitter:

Never before has this GIF been more appropriate: