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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 76: Trade deadline cometh

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, Matt and Jason talk trade deadline, what the Indians should (and should not) get, Carlos Santana’s re-emergence, Corey Kluber’s greatness, Kelly Smith’s outstanding FanPost, and more!

As of this post, the trade deadline is less than a week away. The Cleveland Indians have been mostly quiet on the issue to this point, but something big might be coming, if Chris Antonetti’s own words can be trusted.

Matt has officially jumped off the Sonny Gray train and onto the train of another starting pitcher, while Jason thinks the Indians should probably stay put. On that same note, both of them think the idea of trading for Mike Napoli is stupid — and so are the over-abundance of deadline rumors.

If you have not already read the fabulous FanPost by Kelly Smith, “Game of Inches,” you should check it out now. After you do that, listen to the podcast as Matt and Jason gush over the great writing and even better story. Just an all-around great piece.

What’s the better brand of baseball? All dingers all day, or more plays on the field, even if it results in a lot of scoring?

We also take your questions, and Matt manages to completely misunderstand one. Just a normal day in Let’s Talk Tribeland.

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