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Many Cleveland Indians help American League to 2-1 win

Morning News and Notes for Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

He's unstoppable.
He's unstoppable.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

First, we need to talk about Jose Ramirez. The dude just keeps hitting. And stealing bases. And being the [goat emoji]. In the opening inning, the rare Dominican goat singled off of the untouchable Max Scherzer. A couple innings later, he did it again off of a 99.3 mph Carlos Martinez fastball. And stole second. And lost his helmet — only for Aaron Judge to strand him again.

He was the first Indian to have multiple ASG hits since 1996.

Eventually, his replacement, Miguel Sano, would bloop home a run to finally break the 0-0 tie. The 1-0 lead stood until Ervin Santana allowed a homer to Yadi Molina of all people. Click that link. Blown save: Santana. (1).

Now onto the other Indians: Michael Brantley was working counts even in an exhibition and was rewarded with a single. Francisco Lindor followed that single by giving away his AB swinging at [garbage emoji], but made a very nice defensive play later in the game. Corey Kluber, obviously did not pitch.

Andrew Miller did pitch. In a save situation following MVP Robinson Cano's HR. And he converted that save. Because that is what Andrew Miller does.

Ramirez was designated as the AL player allowed to re-enter the game, but 10 innings was not enough for that to be necessary.

Wade Davis, the only Cub, was handed the L for allowing the Cano homer.

The AL and NL are now tied all-time in more ways than one. That's pretty cool.

Something happened during the game that I was not a fan of, but Brett Anderson has an excellent tweet about it to pass along.

Non-ASG Notes

• Roberto Perez stole a strike for Trevor Bauer, bigly. I think this is the right link; I read it earlier but FG is currently down.

• FanGraphs has a nice little article on Jose Hamstermirez. The Hamster always wanted to be Jose Reyes, but he's already hitting for more power than Reyes ever did.

• Rob Manfred is still being asked about Chief Wahoo