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Scooter Gennett ties MLB record with 4 home runs in game

Morning News and Notes for Wed. June 7, 2017

Hopefully the Reds don't start wearing these jerseys more for the "luck"
Hopefully the Reds don't start wearing these jerseys more for the "luck"
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

I can't believe I'm leading with this guy: Scooter Gennett, that's 2 N's and 2 T's, hit four homers last night. That's more home runs than Brandon Guyer has hit in an Indians uniform. Scooter had 3 this season entering yesterday and was projected by Steamer to hit 3 all season (8 by ZIPS). This would be enough words about Scooter Gennett, except that he also had 10 runs batted in. Yesterday. The Cardinals pitchers should be ashamed of themselves.

Ok, that's enough now. Ugh. But at least we haven't talked about the game the Indians played last night yet. Let's do that now, so that we can avoid Self-Proclaimed Cy Young Frontrunner Joe Kelly throwing a 104 mph pitch. Ugh.

Yeah, the Indians lost 11-3. After a couple weeks of playing the offensively inept Royals, their pitching was not ready for the Rockies offense. It's a pitching staff that now lacks Danny Salazar, as he was placed on the DL to make room for Lonnie Chisenhall, who homered last night(!!!!). Here's Tito/Terry on Salazar.

Unsorted links

• The Cardinals may pursue Miami’s Marcell Ozuna. Ugh.

• The Rangers placed LGFT Mike Napoli on 10-day DL with a lower back strain.

• Really bad news: The Rays DFA'd Michael Martinez, meaning he is available. Ugh.

• The Rangers were able to trade Sam Dyson. Not for much, it would seem, but he’s a Giant now. He predictably never recovered after the Tribe broke him in April.

• Here we have, in more detail than you ever wanted, an article on bat drops. Not bat flips; bat drops. It should not be permissible to intentionally drop one in fair territory. (But there are a lot of things that should not be permissible in 2017 that somehow are.)

• LGBCT Bartolo Colon has a 7.78 ERA.

• The Astros blew a 7-1 lead and they blew it to a team that has Eric Hosmer, not LeBron James. Ugh.

• The entire Astros team has been hitting like Mike Trout.

• Here's WFNY on Bradley Zimmer, who homered again last night.

• And Ken Rosenthal on roster sizes, which I hope stay the same for September, as the vastly expanded roster limits allow teams to keep their good pitchers healthy and rested.

• The Twins also suck. They got blown out so bad that Chris Gimenez pitched for his 4th(!) time this year. Yay!!