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Rockies avalanche Indians behind Reynolds’ two dingers

Mary finally gets his revenge

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s hard to imagine that having gone any worse. Oh who am I kidding. It was pretty easy to imagine the Rockies stomping a mudhole in Mike Clevinger at Coors field, but I guess we were all clinging to the small chance that it wouldn’t be as bad as 11-3.

What went down

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The Rockies knocked the ever-loving crap out of the ball, and the Indians, uh, didn’t. Well, Lonnie Chisenhall and Bradley Zimmer did, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

Mike Clevinger got things off on the wrong foot, digging himself a hole in nearly every at bat and then nibbling ineffectively to try to work hi way out of it. After a 1-2-3 1st inning, things quickly went off the rails in the 2nd. After intentionally walking the bases loaded with two outs, Rockies pitcher (!) Antonio Zenzatela cleared the bases with a three-run double on the 1st pitch he saw from Clevinger. So yeah, that’s about how good Mikey looked in this game.

Into the third and now over 50 pitches already, Clevinger dug the hole deeper giving up a 430 donger to Carlos Gonzalez. Credit to where credit is due, though, because Clevinger did one thing the Tribe bullpen couldn’t do tonight: shut down Mark Reynolds.

Clevinger didn’t last past the 4th, and that’s when ol’ Mary Reynolds unleashed hell on one of his many former teams. Reynolds smashed a three-run bomb of Zach McAllister in the 5th, which was more than enough to put the game out of reach. But just for good measure, mean Mark bashed another big fly in the 7th against Nick Goody, simultaneously crushing the Tribe’s spirits and increasing Nick Goody’s 2017 earned run totals by 200%.

The Tribe offense was generally trash. Lonnie Chisenhall contributed two hits, including the aforementioned homer, in his return from the DL. Bradley Zimmer stayed hot with an oppo taco in the 7th, but the rest of the Tribe hitters sucked eggs.

Narratives of note

I don’t really have the energy to find insight into ongoing trends after watching that garbage, so allow me to rant for a bit. Rick Manning is absolute dogshit and should be fired effectively immediately. With the Indians down 10-3, Andre Knott mentioned that 40% of the Tribe’s runs have come via homerun this year, up from 35% last year. It’s an interesting tidbit, but doesn’t say much in a vacuum. Manning, on the other hand, took it as an excuse to rant about the Indians not being good enough at manufacturing runs. Down 10-3, this dude was whining about not hitting behind the runner and not executing sac bunts well enough. My god do I hate him.

Final thoughts

I guess it could be worst. I mean, behind the Cavs loss and the 101.9 degree fever I had Saturday night, this game was only the third most agonizing thing I’ve dealt with in the past week. But seriously, I think the Indians might be terrible. Maybe. I dunno, maybe they’re not terrible. They’ll probably still win this grease trap of a division, but they sure as hell ain’t what we thought they were. It’s been a disappointing season, and frankly it’s getting pretty boring watching these dudes go through the motions. I’ve gotta believe they’ll start improving soon. I’ve got to.