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The comprehensive collection of Tom Hamilton nonchalantly dropping things on people

You’re welcome, America.

During today’s game against the Kansas City Royals, America’s angry loud but lovable uncle at Thanksgiving, Tom Hamilton, innocently dropped a ball that landed in the radio booth down to some fans. A nice gesture, and certainly nothing to equate making people fall down, playing plinko, or destroying an entire planet.

But something about the way he just sits back down and gets back to work like a consummate pro after dropping the ball lends itself so well to all of that. And more. Oh so much more.

So I made some.

First there was this:

Then unfortunately I had to take my job writing about people hitting balls with sticks seriously and write the recap for the blowout.

Then some more happened:

(Thanks to PyroKinesis for this one)

The Indians even got in on it eventually and asked for the best everyone could come up with.

Unfortunately, all they got was a poorly executed one with Jose Canseco’s head boop (come on Anthony, menacing sit-down comes after the ball hits its target. Amateur hour over here), and an absolute atrocity from friend of the blog (correction, ex-friend of the blog after this) @NachoHelmet.

If you have any yourself, feel free to at @LetsGoTribe (and/or @Indians) or put them in the comments. Or if you have a GIF that’d work well in there let me know. I’ve got making these down to a science because I love them more than life itself.