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Trevor Bauer effortlessly kicks ball to start a double play

I really doubt he aimed that, but he couldn’t have done so better if he tried.

The Cleveland Indians broke out the rare 1-4-6-3 double play when Trevor Bauer “kicked” a comebacker to Jason Kipnis that started an inning-ending circus play.

Trevor’s kick allowed him to get out of the inning in just 10 pitches, one batter after allowing a Mike Moustakas single. According to Statcast, the ball was blasted at 107 miles per hour; it was likely destined for the outfield if Trevor didn’t interfere. And of course props have to be given to Jason Kipnis for being ready for the redirection and turning the double play.

This isn’t the first time the Indians have been tied to fancy footwork from a pitcher. Just last year, Zach McAllister decided to play a game of hacky sack in the middle of a relief appearance. McAllister was uninjured after taking a baseball off the leg, and Trevor appears to be fine, too.