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Corey Kluber K’s his way through June

Morning news & notes for Friday, June 30, 2017.

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MLB: Cleveland Indians at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thank god for Fridays. And Corey Kluber. And wins. Yeah. All that stuff is awesome. Everything is awesome!

Indians 5, Rangers 1

Despite a frustrating loss on Wednesday, the Indians clinched a series win behind the continued dominance of Corey Kluber. The Klubot was fully engaged once again, striking out double digits for the 4th start in a row and going deep into the game to save a recently overtaxed bullpen. The offense did some stuff, too. Enough to win at least.

LGT recap | Bastian’s “Covering the Bases”

Tribe news & notes

Kluber’s stellar month replete with punchouts |

Kluber generated 21 swings and misses in yesterday’s game, but the ace insists his penchant for strikeouts is just a byproduct of “making good pitches. Always with the understatements - exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from an unfeeling artificial construct.

To bunt or not to bunt, it doesn’t matter much: Between Innings | Waiting for Next Year

Few things generate more ballyhoo than every Tribe decision to sacrifice bunt, but is it really all that bad? Michael Bode does what Michael Bode does best: crunches the numbers and provides a solid case. In this scenario, he shows that bunting with a poor hitter really isn’t that big a deal.

Mejia, McKenzie named to Futures Game |

You know wecan’t mention Francisco Mejia without throwing some shade toward Jonathan Lucroy, Because Lucroy gracefully vetoed his trade to Cleveland last summer, we are blessed to be able to watch Mejia blossom into a beautiful flower right here in out farm system, setting the stage for the Pax Francisco in 2018 and beyond.

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