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Solo home runs beat Indians, end boredom

Hope someone rubs Adrian Beltre’s head again real soon.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

This game was really boring. I’m a big advocate of “if you want people to like baseball, stop saying it’s boring,” but it’s not my job to make people interested in baseball. And this game was really freaking boring.

The Cleveland Indians opened the scoring with Lonnie Chisenhall single... then... nothing. Robinson Chrinos homered... then... nothing. Following Chirinos’ second-inning home run, the score remained 1-1 and neither team had a hit until Adrian Beltre homered in the ninth inning to put the Texas Rangers up 2-1.

When you have a low-scoring game like this, it usually means it was a pretty good pitching matchup. And it definitely was. Mike Clevinger had an “aha, I’ve got it all figured out now,” kind of start, striking out nine Ranger batters and walking just two over six innings of work. Keep in mind, this is the same lineup that scored nine runs yesterday — it’s a good lineup, Bront.

Clevinger attacked the zone, and finally hit the corners when he really wanted to. His incredible breaking stuff with control is a scary combination. Whether or not he actually carries that into his next start (and, more importantly several starts after) remains to be seen, but it was one hell of an effort tonight.

Unfortunately the Indians also had to bat, because that’s how baseball works. Jason Kipnis had a hit, that was cool. And, uh, Michael Brantley got a hit in his return. Lonnie Chisenha- wait, I already mentioned Lonnie.

I guess the big Indians story of night sans Clevinger’s breakout was Cody Allen pitching in a non-save situation. Does that matter? Not at all. Does it matter that happened to give up a single run tonight? Nope. He’s still a great reliever, and none of your stupid narratives can change that. Here, have some numbers courtesy of people on Twitter who were faster at using the Play Index than I was.