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The power of Mini Jose can now be yours with BreakingT’s newest t-shirt

If it’s good enough to win Jose Ramirez Player of the Week, it’s good enough for me.

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The Cleveland Indians are in the midst of making everyone on the team into little baseball effigies, if a report from Andre Knott during Wednesday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles is to be believed. But it all started with a little handiwork from Carlos Carrasco, which you can now own thanks to BreakingT.

Cookie crafted the creation last Thursday, when the Indians were struggling to do much of anything. Since Mini Jose was born, the Indians have gone 7-1 and Jose Ramirez is a tear so forceful that it might signal the end of humanity.

And now you can own a symbol of the fun of the Indians winning ways with BreakingT’s latest t-shirt, “Mini Jose.” As with all these BreakingT posts, Let’s Go Tribe gets a small cut of the sales if you use our referral link. So, if you want to support the site while also owning an awesome shirt, grab yourself a shirt below and have at it!