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A Francisco Lindor foul line-drive nearly took off Sandy Alomar Jr’s head

The former Indians All-Star still has some agility, thank goodness

Once upon time it was Sandy Alomar Jr. who hit rockets to all fields for the Cleveland Indians. Today, he was reduced to dodging them. In the top of the 8th inning in Baltimore, Francisco Lindor ripped a line-drive foul down the first base line and nearly domed Alomar.

Fortunately the former Indians slugger is limber enough to limbo away from the ball. With moves like that I’d be willing to be he still has a decent pop time behind the plate. Just how close did it come to hitting him?

Yeesh. A little harder hit and the Indians might be on the hunt for a new first base coach. Fortunately for the Tribe, everyone escaped the inning alive, in good health, and in good spirits. Unfortunately for Lindor, this was also his hardest-hit ball of a0-6 day at the plate.