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Danny Salazar warmed up to “Wild Thing” before his first relief appearance

This isn’t the first time Danny has embraced his wild side.

Danny Salazar had the perfect music prior to his first-ever regular season relief appearance Thursday. While on the mound, “Wild Thing” blared over the speakers, and “WILD THING” flashed on the gigantic Progressive Field scoreboard, allowing fans to lose their dang minds in excitement.

Salazar, who has started 95 games in his five years with the Cleveland Indians, came out of the bullpen for the first time in a regular season game yesterday. His only relief appearances prior came in the playoffs last year, when he struck out four of the 12 batters he faced and allowed one hit.

With Corey Kluber coming off the disabled list, Salazar was sent to the bullpen because, essentially, he is Wild Thing from Major League. He probably lacks the dangerous temper of the Ricky Vaughn, but he has the same lack of control and the same cannon attached to his arm at the elbow. As such, Salazar warmed up to the same music that Vaughn walked out to in the film, and it works so well.

This isn’t the first time Salazar has embraced the name, either. He warmed up to the song prior to a simulated game last October, and at spring training last season he even donned the signature glasses.