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Bees swarming ahead of Cleveland Indians game in Kansas City

Also, don’t BEE getting sassy with Indians Twitter.

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians can’t BEElieve what they’re seeing on the field in Kansas City ahead of their rubber game against the Royals. Bees appear to be swarming along the left field wall.

The Indians Twitter account, BEEing the Indians Twitter account, had a great tweet about the spectacle, quoting the American classic, Bee Movie Tommy Boy:

A Royals fan maybe didn’t get the reference or BEElieved this was 2014 and “lol Cleveland sports” was still a thing and felt it BEEhoved him to get a cheap shot in. It didn’t go over well for him.

Clayton is taking it in stride, at least. Good on him for BEEing a good sport about this BEEfuddling situation.