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Fan Post Friday: What would you get for Carlos Santana in a deadline trade?

We love Santana, but if the Indians can’t extend him, what should they get in return?

MLB: Houston Astros at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It is the official editorial opinion of Let’s Go Tribe that Carlos Santana is a good baseball player. I do not have the authority to make official editorial statements, but I don’t think this one is going to get rescinded.

However, it is Carlos’s contract year. Depending on where the Indians are at the trade deadline, it might make sense to shop Santana to see what kind of return the Indians can get. Ideally, he’d accept a massive paycut in the offseason to come back and play for the 2017 World Series champions.

Idealism rarely pans out.

For our first in a continuing series of hypothetical scenarios, I turn to you, reader. Head over to the fanposts and write a response to tell us the following:

What is the best trade you think the Indians can make involving Carlos Santana?

Again, nobody outside of the comments section wants this, but it is good to prepare for disaster.

Obligatory Carlossian picture.

Lando Carlossian

If you’ve never fanposted before, here is a great guide, and an in-depth FAQ from the Mothership. Use the tag [Santana Trade] in the title if you can remember to, so they’re easy to identify. Tweet at me if you need help and stuff.