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It’s ‘Saxy Time’ with Jason Kipnis and BreakingT’s latest Indians t-shirt

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The smooth sax-y tones of Jason Kipnis’s walk-up music are now immortalized in shirt form.

If you’ve watched an Indians game recently, you may have noticed a smooth sax solo happen right after the ninth batter wraps up his at-bat and Jason Kipnis comes to the plate. That tune is part of the Kip’s walk up song, “Thief” by Ookay. It’s smooth, it’s jazzy, and most importantly... it’s saxy.

Nathan Crowe, aka @HipsterTito on Twitter, made one of his famous signs (you might have heard of another one from last year) and took it to a game earlier this month. It was a huge hit, and MLB’s Cut4 even took notice.

Wanting to celebrate the great walk-up music, and heck celebrate Jason Kipnis because he’s awesome and we haven’t had a shirt of him yet, I asked BreakingT to design a shirt around the saxy-ness of it all.

They came through with this masterpiece: