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Cedar Point lost a bet and now they have a Cubs-themed ride for a week

Props for keeping your word, but... ugh.

Something bad happened last November. I’m not going to mention it by name here, but it involved the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.

Prior to that bad thing, the two teams were playing in a very fun World Series that lasted exactly games. And prior to that series, two theme parks representing those teams by proxy — Cedar Point in Ohio and Six Flags Great American in Illinois — made a simple bet: The losing team’s park would have to sing the winning team’s theme song, and the losing team would have to rename one of their attractions after the winning team during their opening weekend.

Well, Cedar Point lost the bet and already paid up by singing the atrocity known as “Go Cubs Go” in a video posted shortly after the series. And now, with their opening weekend about to be underway, they’re paying up on the other half with the “Top Thrill Cubster”:

They were quick to note that it was part of a bet, but a lot of people on Twitter (*gasp*) didn’t understand the context and got a wee bit upset at Cedar Point for keeping their end of a good-natured bet:

The Indians were also having none of it.

Luckily the nightmare will end on Monday, and the millions of Ohio-based Cubs fans that suddenly popped up seven months ago will have to find another way to prove just how much they’ve totally loved the Cubs their entire life.