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Corey Kluber could benefit from some time off after a long 2016

Morning news and totes for Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Yesterday’s game was even more depressing than Monday’s. Losing baseball games is not advisable, or fun. The way it happened was even worse. Former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber left after 3 innings with some back stiffness, but this does not seem like the kind of injury that would require a lengthy stint on the Disabled List.

A brief stay on the DL could actually be beneficial to Kluber, who pitched 231 extremely high-pressure innings in the 2016 regular and post season.

Now for some better news

• The Indians' attendance is up 42% so far this season. 6003 more seats per game have been filled compared to last season. Weekday crowds in particular have increased by 45%.

• Shawn Armstrong is back. Unfortunately for Austin Jackson, it took his foot injury to create the space for Thagawdstrong.

It has been a good first month of baseball for the Shawn Armstrong Truth Society. In yesterday's ballgame, Shawn pitched 2.2 scoreless, hitless innings with more than a strikeout per inning. As a whole, the Indians bullpen has been tremendous this season.

• Francisco Lindor keeps getting better and better, drawing a comparison to Mookie Betts. Anddddd...

• Francisco Lindor gave an excellent interview on MLBN.

• Rajai Davis is healthy again.

Around baseball

• The Nationals sent Joe Ross to AAA. I saw him pitch twice last year and he was a trainwreck both times, so this wasn't surprising to me at all. I'm sure he probably gets 24.4 runs of support per start this season, but still.

• Carlos Martinez will no longer look like Cleopatra on the mound.

• Manny Machado says he has no respect for anyone in the Red Sox organization (Same.), but I bet he doesn’t stick to that once he’s a free agent.

• The Orioles turned a very ugly triple play that rightfully confused Bob Costas. Jon Schoop, channelling his inner Asdrubal, however, stayed calm and fully aware of what was happening.

• Marwin Gonzalez can in fact hit pitchers who aren't wearing Indians laundry.