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MLB replay made the right call on Jason Kipnis’s near-grand slam


Jason Kipnis came just inches shy of a grand slam that would have given the Cleveland Indians a 5-1 lead over the Kansas City Royals. The umpires initially ruled the ball a foul, and after further review, the call was upheld.

To many, even those with high-definition TVs that watched the replay live on air, it looked like a home run.

Sports Time Ohio TV personality Jensen Lewis stoked those flames with a couple tweets that imply the replay was wrong, that you could clearly see the ball go behind the foul pole.

He’s far from the only one to think this, but the one with the biggest audience to say it. As much as I want to agree with Jensen, which is not something I say often, upon further (further) review, the ball does indeed go in front of the foul pole.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user posted a video shortly after the call, which shows the damning evidence. Here’s the original video:

And here’s the smoking gun, a series of frames that clearly show the ball going in front of the pole, even with the low-quality video:

And upon further (further [further]) review, here are some key frames where the ball moves in front of the pole, changing its color. Looking at the yellow color of the area in the red circle for the first two frames, followed by the white of the ball in the third.

The umps were right, Kip popped up and smashed his bat on the ground, and the Indians failed to score. Life soldiers on.