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Morning Recap of Tuesday's Win, plus some news and notes

Morning News and Notes for May 24, 2017

EE sizes up GABP
EE sizes up GABP
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians played the 44th game of their season last night and their last in Cincinnati. Carlos Carrasco was rusty early on, but thankfully Yan Gomes’ cannon was nearby to bail him out of a tight early jam. Billy Hamilton was the 20th runner to try to run on Yan—and was the 11th to get caught.

All of this happened before The Edwin Encarnacion Breakout. Edwin homered in the 3rd with a man on and later in the inning, Gomes stayed as hot at the plate as he is behind it and added a homer of his own. The Amir Garrett Experience was not going well for the Reds, but they couldn't stop watching it, letting him bat after all this and then sending him out to face more Indians batters. Brian Price, not known for his managerial excellence, should not have done this, as Garrett proceeded to allow another homer to EE. Not bright, Bryan. (I have such a low opinion of him that I do not want to check to see which letters of his name are I's and which are Y's. I think it's Price and not Pryce, though. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

This all sounds very nice, but then the Indians bullpen blew their first save of the season. Surprise, it was Bryan Shaw! But Drew Storen, pretending it was the postseason, gave 1 of the runs right back.

Andrew Miller almost followed with the Indians’ second blown save of the year, but Daniel Robertson threw the tying run out at the plate. And let’s not forget the dude who made the tag.

What followed was more of what we've seen all year. Cody Allen Forever.


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• Robinson Cano has been activated off the DL

• Boston promoted Sam Travis, who is apparently a bigger deal than you and I

• Now that Dave Stewart is gone, it’s time to talk about the Diamondbacks

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