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Carlos Santana lays out for an outstanding catch

Is this the same guy who couldn’t hack it at catcher or first base?

Mere innings after colliding with the wall and giving every Cleveland Indians fans a collective heart attack, Carlos Santana made himself look like a bonafide right fielder with this outstanding diving catch. And thanks to Joey Votto not knowing there were two outs, it turned into an inning-ending double play.

Santana’s career started as a catcher, but he moved to third base after defensive struggles at the position, then to first when it turned out he really was not a good third baseman. While he appears to be a competent first baseman (although advanced metrics would say otherwise), he has gotten some added value headed into his free agent year with his work as an outfielder. First in last year’s World Series when the Indians had to play under National League rules at Wrigley Field, and now multiple times this season.

Tonight was Santana’s fifth-career start in the outfield during the regular season, his fourth in right field.