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A Yan Gomes bomb hit the train track at Minute Maid Park

The supply lines between Houston and Arlington have been disrupted.

The Cleveland Indians are not having any trouble scoring against the Houston Astros today. Few are facing as little resistance as Yan Gomes, who belted a monster home run in the third inning of what is starting to look a blowout in Houston.

The ball was gone from the moment it left Yan’s bat at 110 miles per hour. Unlike yesterday, when a towering shot hit the roof Minute Maid Park, this ball had a different target: the 19th century replica locomotive that circles the stadium after an Astros home run.

Because the Astros could only manage to homer twice off Danny Salazar of this writing, the train sat stationary during the home run, but travel between Houston and Arlington via train may be experiencing a baseball delay.

Curiously, Statcast has the home run listed at 167 feet, which may be slightly off. The bomb that Yan launched is a hit 98 percent of the time, according to Baseball Savant. I’m assuming Statcast isn’t calibrated for a ball to land up there. Either that, or Yan’s home run traveled around the world and landed just a hundred feet away. Both are plausible with how hard Gomes hit it.