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Yan Gomes hit a fly ball off the roof of Minute Maid Park

That’s not what they mean when they tell you to hit it in the air, Yan.


In the second inning of today’s Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians game, Yan Gomes reached base with an unusual single off Mike Fiers. Off the bat, it appeared to be a high fly ball, hooking foul. Then, out of nowhere, the ball reappeared in left field.

As you can tell, nobody is exactly sure how that ball ended up in shallow left field at first. Gomes doesn’t even leave the box after hitting the ball because he thinks it’s hooked way foul. Chisenhall and Altuve share a confused glance; “I guess it was a hit?” Both the TV and Radio broadcasts for the Indians believed, at first, that it hit the top of the left field wall hard enough to bounce back that far.

Finally, Paul Hoynes shed some additional light on the situation.

It took a little bit of time to find the right replay to prove it.

Gomes later returned the free out to the Astros when he was thrown out at home plate to end the inning. Still, as long as Yan Gomes continues to reach base, I’m happy.

But maybe just hit it over the fence next time.