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Matt Underwood sang the Hot Pockets jingle and it was awkward for everybody

Matt no. Matt stop.

Editor Showcase Presents: Eat This! Hot New Products Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Editor Showcase

I’m a big fan of Matt Underwood. Sure, his faux home run calls can be a little embarrassing, but the guy really tries at his job, and even does a fair job presenting advanced statistics, even if he doesn’t always seem to care about them. I can appreciate that; it’s more than the Cleveland Indians get from a lot of their broadcasters.

So know that this comes from a place of love: Holy hell this was awkward, Matt. (And thanks for making some kind of fun come out of this nightmare of a game)

Underwood and sleepy co-commentator Rick Manning were talking about players keeping their hands warm in their pockets. Naturally, Underwood made the link between warm hand-holes and the famous Hot Pockets jingle made famous-er by a Jim Gaffigan comedy routine that may have also killed the frozen meat pocket industry.

Naturally, Manning, who may not yet be aware that color televisions exist, had no response to the big solo so the two sat in silence for a whopping 16 seconds.