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Yandy Watch 2017: Empty chairs and empty tables

Here we sang about tomorrow, and tomorrow never came.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to today’s meeting, friends. These days it feels more like a Meeting, doesn’t it?

I won’t make anyone stand and say their name, and “Yandyholic” sounds like a Weird Al Yankovic bit. Suffice it to say that the promise of Yandy is not yet fulfilled. The date upon which it will occur is unknown.

Those of you who braved the bad weather to make it out tonight: I appreciate your grit. Despite what others may say, there is no one among you that is mentally weak. I recognize those of you who have been here since the very beginning. Yes, there are many more empty chairs than we started with. There are fewer and fewer smiles in the audience. Once, we filled this room to the brim with donut hole fueled fanatics.

Those days are gone.

Is this the permanent end of the Yandy Watch? Not at all. For now, though, break we our watch up, and by my advice let us impart what we have seen this season to memory. Perhaps there will be a future day when we can remember this first call-up with whimsy. “Remember,” we will say in a once-again filled meeting hall, “when Yandy Diaz couldn’t hit the ball in the air? Remember when he struggled to handle left field? I know that it’s difficult after his fourth consecutive MVP award, but remember when he didn’t pitch, as well?”

The future is still bright for Yandy, even if the present moment is shrouded by fog. For him, the next act of his story is the true test. He knows what must be done to make his game Major League caliber. He has the talent to do so, and all indications are that he has the drive. Now, he must simply do it. I wish there was a way to make it happen all at once.

I have no numbers or matrix for today. I apologize if you miss them dearly, but we can’t even produce them appropriately; our dear friend Jim died from grief, and so we have no technical staff.

We will meet again, my friends. While the present moment drips with sadness, it may one day become a torrent of triumph. When the day finally comes I look forward to shaking all of your hands once more and discussing the recent conquests of Yandy.