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Bradley Zimmer’s first hit and first home run come in the same cathartic game

Baseball is a game of adjustments. Bradley Zimmer adjust very quickly.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing quite like your first big-league home run. I imagine it’s great, at least, because I’ve never even hit a home run in a whiffleball game and I struggle to hit for power in MLB The Show. For Bradley Zimmer, that first-career dinger came after a miserable 0-for-3, three strikeout debut so it was that much sweeter.

Zimmer’s first-career hit came in the third inning with the Cleveland Indians already down 6-0, but it still counts, dang it. He doubled to left and scored Lonnie Chisenhall. Then, later on the near-blowout loss, he homered in the bottom of the ninth. Enjoy it with your eyes and ears below.

The Indians Twitter account quickly called it a “Bradley Bomb.” As generic as that is, I kind of like it. As long as we also admit that he showed some Zimmpop, ba duba dop in the process.

Bradley received both balls after the game, and according to Jordan Bastian, the home run ball will go to his mother while the double will go to his dad. We we can get into the whole “clearly his mom is his favorite” thing, but let’s just admire his biceps for a moment. He’s no Yandy, but I bet he curls like the devil.

Got damn.