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Francisco Lindor and Jason Kipnis are just a couple of kids having fun out there

The Indians’ middle infielders turned a simple miscommunication into something wonderful.

Want another reason to love the Cleveland Indians? How about having two fun-loving players in the middle of the infield every night?

In the sixth inning of a tightly-contested barn burner against the Tampa Bay Rays, Francisco Lindor drifted a biiiit too far into Jason Kipnis’ territory at second base to catch a fly ball.

Instead of just having a little talk about it and moving on with life, Kipnis drew a line in the infield dirt to remind Frankie where to stay. He stayed stonebfaced throughout the whole thing, until he looked back when he arrived at second base. And of course it cracked Frankie up.

Just watch (and please stop saying Lindor doesn’t smile enough, because you’re wrong):

It was great, and it’s another reason baseball is great and everything is great. So great.