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Yandy Watch 2017: The Reckoning

In difficult times we must search deep within ourselves... and find only more sadness.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you for attending today’s meeting.

As you know, the return of Yandy to the Indians roster isn’t going as well as we’d hoped. This is the reason we postponed the meeting from yesterday until today. I wanted to give us all time to ponder some of the deep questions we must now face about Yandy Diaz and his current situation in Cleveland.

Isn’t it time to just give up forever and let the pain consume us?

It is still very early in Yandy Diaz’s major league career, and many players in the history of the game struggle when first adjusting.

What if Yandy Diaz is one of those that never quite figures it out in the Majors, but keeps teasing us with gaudy AAA numbers?

He would not be the first, but I do not think it is time to declare him the new Matt LaPorta as half of Twitter and all of already has.

Didn’t Yandy spend a lot of time working in the outfield during his time in the minors?

I don’t know if a lot is the correct term, but the team emphasized left field work during his time in Columbus.

Okay, then seriously, how on Earth can a professional baseball player possibly let this happen?

His greatest downfall is his ineluctable humanity.

What about Corey Kluber?

Definitely not a robot.

Seriously though, after two very bad plays on one night, shouldn’t we completely abandon the idea of using him in that position forever and never even consider it again as all of these presumably well-qualified tweeters suggest?

What you are seeing is the result of parents pulling their child out of school the first time they fail an exam because it is obvious that they will never learn anything.

Isn’t that a bit harsh?

Compared to their reactions, not really; the true test is not the brutality of Yandy’s first bad day in the outfield, but how he reacts to it and whether he improves himself in the future.

What’s his role on the roster going to be assuming Brantley is ready to go again?

He’ll either remain on the team as a backup or return to Columbus, although backups tend to be valued for defensive contributions.

Isn’t Yandy still a pretty good infielder though?

He’s played quite well in the infield, and I think he would be able to spell at both third and second base.

Hey he never played second base, why are you trying to sabotage the Indians you saboteur?

Second base is actually his natural position, as he grew up in Cuba playing there.

Should we begin to temper or tamp down our expectations for Yandy?

If you expected Yandy Diaz to hit .300 this year and muscle his way onto the starting lineup, you should have done so before the season began; if you expected him to split time between Columbus and Cleveland while adjusting to Major League pitching — as I did, with all tongue-in-cheek mythologizing aside — you are fine.

What sort of trade value does Yandy Diaz have?

He’s a young player with many years of team control who displays excellent defensive instincts and great potential at the plate, meaning many teams would be interested in him; the question is whether or not the players those teams would be willing to move would help the Indians on the quest back to the World Series.

Are you really suggesting that the Indians should trade Yandy?

No, because in the event of an injury or prolonged absence at three different positions, Yandy appears to be a replacement level to slightly above average fill-in for 2017.

Assuming that happens and teams show interest, would you trade him at the deadline or in the offseason?

I don’t think Yandy is a piece that the Indians are interested in moving, but if they are offered a crucial piece — remember Andrew Miller from last season? — then a package of prospects and players might be shipped away.

Did these dude’s account get hacked?


Isn’t it about time to bust out this weeks Matrix and show the statistics?

You are correct about the Matrix, but in lieu of Yandy Watch by the Numbers, I will simply say that they’re somewhere between “ouch” and “boing”.

Whoa. I didn’t know that there was room outside of the Yandy Watch matrix.

Neither did I, friend. Neither did I.