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Abraham Almonte, Yan Gomes exit game early

Almonte injured his shoulder and Gomes probably had to poop real bad.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s Cleveland Indians game has been an emotional roller coaster, a back-and-forth affair made worse by injuries to Abraham Almonte and Yan Gomes that caused them to leave the game.

Almonte’s vaguely described “shoulder injury” likely occurred in his final at-bat of the game in the second inning. Something clearly did not look right with his swing, and he was replaced in the outfield in the bottom of the frame. The Indians apparently tried to quickly work him out with weighted balls to see if he could play before the final call was made, but Michael Martinez ended up trotting out to center field in the bottom of the second.

Martinez is a curious choice, to say the least, but the other natural replacements in center field — Austin Jackson and Lonnie Chisenhall — are dealing with injuries of their own. Jackson is on the 10-day disabled list with a hyperextended big toe and Chisenhall took a pitch off his finger attempting to bunt yesterday. He’s reportedly ok, but Tito is doing everything he can to give him an off day.

It has not been confirmed with illness Yan Gomes had, but considering he sits in the natural squatty potty position for half the game, a flu or some kind of stomach bug would really put him in a bad situation. Or maybe he just had a fever and was all gross and sweaty. Fever sweats are the worst.